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1.Stand Up Paddle Board 2.It's designed to be very stable 3.Easy to paddle a recreatioanl kayak 5.Two large hatchs Model SUP12  
Category Stand Up Paddle Boards
Number of people * 1 adult
Made in China
Manufacturer reelkayak
Warranty 1 year on hull
Length 376cm*84cm*20cm
Weight 25kg
Capacity 130kg
Use on * Surf
* Bays
* Lakes
* Estuaries
* Flat water rivers
Main Features * The Stand Up 12 is designed to be very stable and easy to paddle as soon as you step onto it the first itme
*The board is outfitted much like a recreational kayak
*It designed with two large hatchs,for all the things you need to get.
Accessories Paddle,Backrest
Colour Options Yellow,Blue,Green,
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